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CCTV  -  (Closed Circuit TV)

A surveillance system comprised of cameras, recorders and displays that is used to monitor activities in a store, home or company. CCTV installations have never been so in demand.  Everyone is concerned about CCTV Installation keeping their asset safe and secure. People are also a lot more focused on keeping customers, employees and visitors safe.

ProTech Lock and Safe will provide you with custom service that will give you the best possible  CCTV Installations to keep your business or home area safe and secure. 

CCTV systems is a good way to prevent and fight crime. These closed circuit televisions record movements.  If a crime is committed these recordings can be viewed and used as a source to establish the true actions at the time.

Advanced CCTV systems use small high definition colour enriched cameras that can focus to high levels of detail.   Linking these cameras to a central computer enables the tracking of objects, semi-automatically. This technology that enable this is often referred to as VCA (Video Content Analysis). More and more companies are developing this technology due to the higher demand places on security requirements.

Every situation will be different and will require an unique look at how the system needs to be used. For this reason Installation of CCTV systems is typically custom made. It is important to use a company who can assist with the installation, and be capable of getting more out of the system using experience and knowledge in the field.

Pro Tech Lock and Safe is a professional company who can assist with the install of CCTV security systems. With over 40 years experience, ProTech Lock and Safe is your best choice. Contact us today for a security review!

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